RICS Building Survey

Full Building Survey (Level 3 structural Survey to suit your needs)

This is the most detailed survey available. it is designed to check on all elements of the property condition for structural and other unseen issues that other surveys may not discover. It provides the necessary information for you to make an informed decision about the property purchase, whilst allowing you to budget for future repair works or renegotiating your offer accordingly

Full building surveys are more appropriate for older properties, properties of non-traditional construction, poorly maintained properties or properties that have been subject to significant alterations.

A RICS qualified surveyor will take a longer more detailed inspection of all areas of the property, with a more thorough consideration of the roof space, grounds, floors, services and the energy efficiency of the property to produce a final report which details:

  • How the property was built, current and original construction materials and how they will perform in the future
  • Any problems that need urgent attention, or are serious
  • Any potential problems posed by hidden defects
  • Any problems that need further investigation to prevent serious damage
  • Any ongoing maintenance required in the future
  • Repair options, repair timeline, explains the consequences of not acting
  • Diagnosis of damp issues including relevant testing where appropriate
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