RICS Homebuyer Report

The RICS Homebuyer Report (RICS Level 2 Survey)

A Homebuyer Report is more comprehensive than a level 1 Condition report. These surveys are relevant for people seeking to purchase a home and want a general overview of the condition and expected repairs to ensure you know what you are buying.

The survey itself is non-intrusive, taking anywhere between two to four hours to complete. This allows for a more thorough investigation to ensure that there are no hidden problems.

The final written report details:

  • The current condition of the property
  • Highlighting any problems with the property, such as damp or subsidence
  • Will point out any parts of the structure that do not meet Building Regulations
  • Any legal issues your conveyancer team may need to chase
  • Any health & safety issues linked to the property
  • Highlighting all repair and ongoing maintenance needs of the property. (This is presented in a clear traffic light system from ‘urgent repairs’ to ‘no action required’.)

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